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R E A L  E S T A T E  T O U R

To learn the best investment choices in Metepec and Toluca, try a guided tour of two to four hours with a professional real estate agent.

Suggested for:

° Families who wish to live in Metepec or Toluca.

° Real Estate Investors

° Businessmen


° Specific analysis of client requirements

° Tours of properties most like to meet client needs and preferences.

° Tours of important comercial zones and services, such as local roads and schools, etc.

° Tours of residential developments.

° Connect with the best local real estate professionals in Toluca and Metepec

° Up to date and professional information about the local real estate market.


° Save time: you will visit more properties that suit your needs and preferences, avoiding wasted time and effort.

° Imparticiality: the real estate agent will always help you make the best decision about your investment.

Tour Price: $ 700.00 Pesos M/N

For appointments and more information:

Silvia Arizmendi Escamilla
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Tel (722)212 0125 / (722) 3799398
ID Nextel 62*13*84150