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If you are preparing to buy a property, consider the following information:
  1. Begin to read the classified ads in the real estate section of your local paper and in the real estate magazines.
  2. Get in touch with real estate agencies and companies specializing in real estate and development.
  3. Contact web pages dedicated to real estate agencies
  4. Try to familiarize yourself with the area where you want to live, in order to make the best buying decision.
  5. Consult your bank or credit institution and ask for information about yourself, so that you have no surprises when you go to ask for a loan.
  6. Don’t buy anything on credit. Now is not the time to commit to buying a new car or to charge a lot on your bank cards.
Are you sure you want to DEAL DIRECT?

The majority of people who want to sell their property directly only do this to start on work that they are not accustomed to, not to save you the commission, and this generates more work if you buy directly from the property owner. It is necessary to negotiate personally the price of the property, contract with a lawyer who will write up the agreement, analyze your financial options, get the paperwork to the notary, and if you want it, to contract with an appraiser to evaluate the property before you decide to buy, in addition it could be very difficult to deal with the property owners, who in general believe their property is worth more than it is. Our recommendation is that you meet and contract with a major property developer or real estate agent, because they will concentrate on finding you a house with the characteristics that you are looking for. In addition you can count on them to find the services of a lawyer and to give you the advice that you will need.

Do you know what PLUSVALIA is?

Right now in Mexico, there are many areas where the equity (plusvalía) of property has increased significantly. Urban construction or other developments can raise the value of other properties in the area. But before you can know if this is true for your property, you should consult with a real estate appraiser who can accurately estimate the developments that are happening or likely to happen in the next few years. From this assessment, he can determine the profit you can expect if you sell your house.
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Tel (722)212 0125 / (722) 3799398
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